• How it works? +

    Sometimes you need a financial assistance before your next payday. This assistance is also known as a cash advance or a payday loan. EZ RL can help you and your family meet unexpected situations or simply elevate you up to your dream. If you want to avoid late fees, utility re-connect fees, and bank overdraft charges the short-term loan can be exactly what do you need. EZ RL has the simple and transparent process. Simple application, which consists of 4-steps, can build a connection between you and your dreams. Since the form is ready, EZ RL will match your needs and possibilities against a worldwide network of lenders. Normally, next business day, your form will be approved by a financial institution or the lender will contact you directly to clarify some points. After your application will be approved, the lender will invite you to their step-by-step process from the form till money will be deposited into your checking account. If you would like to avoid additional charges - you should strictly follow the timely repaying your loans. All information presented in your application form is very important. The personal information will be used to verify and assess you by the lenders to understand if you are meeting their expectations for the loan requested. Be also very careful with the banking information, especially your account number, because it will be used by the lender as the place to deposit a loan for you. Finally, this account number will be also used to pay the lender back according to the terms and conditions of the loan.
  • What if my credit rating is low? +

    Our loaners are using the equal approach for every applicant, regardless of credit rating or FICO score. The process pays attention if this financial help is not a burden for our applicants and if it is easy and feasible for them to pay it back.
  • How much money can I request? +

    Typically, our loaners providing a short loan for the amount from $100 till $1,000. However, they are ready to consider the $1,000+ requests. Once the application is approved the requested amount will be deposited to the applicant's checking account within 24h. Enjoy!
  • What is the qualification requirements for applicants? +

    Normally, lenders are considering 5 main parameters: (1) an applicant must be the U.S. Citizen, (2) he must be 18+ years old, (3) he should have a checking bank account with the direct deposit option, (4) has a house income starting from $800 and (5) has a valid e-mail address and operational phone number for the communication. However, so far we are working with the wide network of lenders, some of them can have additional requirements.
  • What fees are typically included? +

    World wide network of lenders associated with EZ Rapid Loan has very competitive fees. Short-term financial assistance is normally more expensive than traditional bank loans. However, this assistance is only intended for short-term cash needs. Please, double-check all terms and costs before accepting the loan.
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