Duck Backwater

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 13:12

Mark didn’t have the most exciting job in the world. He had to unload trucks, carry boxes to a warehouse, and then put them on shelves or in stacks. Then he would wait. Then his boss would tell him to take certain boxes and move them to a different part of the warehouse where there was a conveyer belt. Then he had to return to the unloading ramp and wait for a new truck or a new command.

While he waited, he liked to look at the pictures on the promotional leaflets that sometimes fell out of the boxes. He looked at photos of coffee makers, blenders, even computers and other technology (he had no clue what that stuff did) and he imagined that he had a house full of devices like that. It didn’t matter that his current dwelling was a small room that could only fit a bed, a little table, and two chairs. Mark liked to dream.

One day, Mark found a map of his state. For a few days after that, he would examine it with his eyes. He found so many interesting things on the map. There were a lot of cities and roads nearby his town that he had never been to and others he’d never even heard of. There were so many places to see and so many opportunities out there! He was surprised.

One town especially caught his eye. It was called Duck Backwater. It was pretty far away, close to the border.

As usual, Mark began to daydream. He imagined the type of people that lived in Duck Backwater. He imagined groves and a pond full of ducks surrounded by green grass. He wasn’t certain, but he assumed that there were probably many ponds in the town. And he thought that the citizens were probably very proud of the ducks that lived there. Maybe the duck was a symbol of the town and maybe they hung a flag with a duck on it, Mark thought. He continued thinking about the town.

Then one day, he made a decision. He had to visit Duck Backwater.

There were two problems. First was his work schedule. He usually worked on the weekends. The second problem was money.

Mark had a goal and he was ready to knock down all the obstacles in his way. He solved the first problem quickly. He asked his boss if he could take the following weekend off and the boss said okay.

The second problem was more complicated. Mark didn’t have any extra money at all. But he had heard about a website from a friend, so he went to completed the application form, and got money.

The long-awaited day arrived.

Mark took a bus. Then he sat on the bus for a long time. Then he waited at a bus station and then he took another bus. And then he sat some more.

Finally, the bus reached Duck Backwater.

I’m going to respect Mark's privacy and not say if Duck Backwater really did have ponds or even ducks. If you want to find out, you can ask Mark yourself.

But what I can say is that Mark had a dream and, with a little help, he accomplished his dream.

Good luck!

After The Show

Tuesday, 02 October 2018 21:21

Last week, billboards throughout the city announced: "New show from the world-famous life coach!" All the local channels ran ads about the arrival of the great coach to their town. "Do you know the secret to success?" the ads asked. "Come to the show and find out!"

Like everybody else, Fred wanted to achieve success in his life. He bought and read books on the subject. He watched any TV program if it had the word "success" in the title. Despite all the advice he had ingested over the years, he was still not a millionaire. So he was a little skeptical of the claims these ads made. But then again, he thought about how this show was brand new and how the coach might have some new tips he had just discovered.

Fred knew he didn’t have any spare cash to pay for the tickets. But he had decided that he needed to go to the show to find out the secret. So he went to completed the application form, and got the money to buy a ticket. By the way, the ticket was expensive. Before paying, Fred had read about the show online and still didn't understand why it cost so much to listen to one guy talk for two hours. Eventually Fred came to the conclusion that the coach must have some great wisdom, because otherwise, nobody would pay that much to hear him. So Fred paid online and looked forward to the show.

Then the day arrived and he went to the show.

For three days after the show, Fred was in high spirits. He kept remembering how he and hundreds of members of the audience had shouted: "Yes!" in answer to the simple question: "Do you want to be successful?" He remembered how he had hugged the guy next to him. And he remembered jumping up and even crying.

But after the three days were over, the feeling went away. Fred wasn’t sure if the coach had actually taught him anything new. "Plan Your Life," "Your Life is in Your Hands," "Think Positively" – Fred had heard those slogans before.

What had really gone on at the show? Had he experienced some kind of temporary madness? Was the coach actually wise or was he just a fraud?

Fred couldn’t decide, but he did realize one thing: a payday loan can be good, but you have to think carefully about what you use it to spend money on.

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