The Presentation

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 18:36

There are some simple rules in life that you should never forget. For instance: Wash your hands before you eat. Don’t cross the street when you shouldn’t. And look where you walk.

But Paul was too deep in his thoughts to follow that last maxim. He even decided, mid-walk, to pull his laptop out of his backpack in order to test some new idea. But no testing would take place that day. Because something happened that often happens when a person forgets the simple rules.

Paul tripped and fell. The asphalt was not harmed, but Paul's ambition was. And unfortunately, so was his laptop; it had broken in two. You don’t have to be a computer repairman to know that broken-in-two laptops are pretty darn broken.

Paul got up, brushed off his pants, and stood in the middle of the sidewalk, holding in his hands the two parts of what had until recently been his beloved laptop. People walked by, some bumped into him, others even yelled at him for blocking the way, but Paul could neither feel nor see nor hear. Until a policeman said something, that is.

"Sir, is there a problem?"

"Huh? Oh. I'm fine," Paul said, although he was not at all fine. He was in shock. One moment, he was going through life, happy as a turtle, with a wonderful future that he had been working toward for six months, and the next moment, it was all gone. What could he do?

He walked forward, pressing the laptop’s severed carcass to his chest, and then he suddenly turned down a side street. He pulled out his phone, although he had no idea who to call. He clicked the Call button and saw that the last person he’d talked to was Bruce. He decided immediately. He pressed the call button.

"What else do you want?" Bruce asked in a very displeased tone. "We’ve already gone over everything."

"Listen, I need your help! Can you help me?"

"Don’t yell! I can hear. Jeez. Well, what's the problem now?"

Bruce's calm, almost indifferent voice could sober up anyone. But not Paul and not today.

"Could you lend me your laptop for a few days?"

"What? Why?"

"Look, tomorrow I’ve got a presentation for investors and my laptop is broken. It's a nightmare!"

"Do you still have the presentation itself?"

"Of course. I always make a copy on a flash drive."

"Well, buy a new laptop then. What's the problem?"

"I don’t have the money to just go out and buy a brand new computer. And I need one tomorrow and if I don’t have one, I’m toast. All that time, all that work...”

"Shut up and listen," Bruce ordered. "What are your coordinates, soldier?"

Paul told him.

“There’s a music store not far from you, just two clicks north. There’s an employee there, goes by the name of Dirk. Tell him I sent you. He’ll explain everything. Do I make myself clear, Private?!”

“Sir, yes, sir!” Paul yelled, hung up, and ran in the right direction.

Dirk really did explain everything and then he allowed Paul to use his computer. Paul went to completed the application form, and got the money. Then he bought a laptop.

The next day, Paul gave a presentation to his investors and everything went gravy.

Afterwards, he joyfully glided out of the building and ran through the streets as if he were in a dream or a mid 50’s Technicolor musical. But then he suddenly stopped, remembering something. Maybe it was one of those simple rules that everyone should follow. He stood up straight, and barely restraining himself, he walked slowly, paying close attention to the world around him.


Thursday, 08 November 2018 13:16

"Hey, how have you been?"

"Good. How about you?"

When old friends meet after a long time apart, it makes for uninteresting dialogue. Such encounters usually include pattings on the shoulder, references to old acquaintances, and plenty of raised eyebrows. We will spare you the details.

Back in college, Frank and Ben were called "Frank and Bank." They were also called "Tweedledee and Tweedleedum."

Being friends, they naturally hung out with each other, were always ready to help each other, and if they could have admitted it to themselves, cared about each other. But at the same time they had a kind of sibling rivalry. Each wanted to be better, stronger, and smarter than the other. Frank was first in most things, but occasionally Ben was.

So it was natural that Frank got married first. Not much later, his wife gave birth to a daughter, and his wife and his daughter would often spend the weekend together doing mother-daughter stuff. Ben, however, was a still a bachelor and his weekends were free.

"Do you remember how we used to go fishing?" asked Frank.

"Of course, I remember," answered Ben. "And I also remember that I always caught more fish than you."

"It’s time for a rematch then," Frank said.

Frank was only half-serious, but Ben didn’t notice.

"What do you mean?" Ben asked.

"Well, how about we go fishing this weekend?" Frank suggested.

"But, you see..." Ben began, but Frank interrupted him.

"You said you were free."

“I am,” said Ben.

"So let’s go fishing. Like in the good old days."

Ben couldn’t find an adequate answer.

"So let’s do it,” Frank said. “Do you have a fishing rod?"

“Of course, I do,” Ben answered, but then he immediately remembered that he didn’t.

"Great. And a good chair?"

"Of course."

Ben answered all of Frank's questions in the affirmative, although he didn’t have half the things Frank asked him about. He’d wanted to buy fishing equipment for a long time, but he’d never gotten around to it.

"So it’s agreed then? We’re going to go fishing?" Frank asked.

"Of course. Yeah. Of course, we’re going," said Ben, absentmindedly.

“Oh, by the way,” Frank said. "Do you know what short-term loans are? Somebody told me about them recently. They’re pretty useful. There’s a good company I could recommend.”

“What’s the company?” Ben asked, realizing that fishing without a fishing rod was a difficult endeavor and understanding that a short term loan would be helpful in such a situation.

Frank told him the name of the company and Ben made a mental note to himself. When he got home, he went to completed the application form, and got the money to buy the fishing equipment.

Unfortunately, it rained that Saturday and the rain continued until Monday. Thus, the old friends did not go fishing. But Ben still enjoyed looking at his fishing rod and imagining how, in the not-too-distant future, he would catch more fish than Frank.

If a relative or close friend asks you to be a guarantor for his bank loan and you feel that you should help, don’t forget to think about your own financial situation…and instead suggest that your friend take out an online loan. Why? The answers to the following two questions will explain.

1. Is It Easy to Become a Guarantor?

YES, it is easy. If you have a friend who stubbornly insists that you become one, it’s more difficult to not become a guarantor. But before you agree, you need to fully understand the consequences:

• you will need to spend time printing out documents, going to the bank, and signing several forms

• you will need to convince a bank representative of the trustworthiness of the borrower (your friend)

• you will need to regularly ask the borrower about his debt, and, in some cases, remind him to pay

• you will need to carry the financial responsibility if the borrower misses the payments, and that is a serious responsibility.

2. Do You Really Need Such a Responsibility?

The answer is NO. Especially when there is the option of choosing online rapid loans. The terms that online companies give for short-term loans (payday loans) are much more flexible than those offered by banks and online companies are ready to accept borrowers with a poor credit history. In general, short-term loans have lots of advantages and are less confusing than bank loans.

In short: there is no need for a potential borrower to go to a bank or for you to become his guarantor. Be an advice-giver instead!

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What If I Can’t Repay On Time?

Tuesday, 23 October 2018 13:21

What will happen if you can’t repay the money you borrowed when it’s due? What will the consequences be? And why is it always better to take a quick loan from an online company instead of a bank? The answers to these questions are below.

A 2-3-Day Delay in Repayment

You might be asking yourself: why would I be late to repay my loan by 2 or 3 days? Even the most responsible people who know how to manage their money and are willing to repay their debts sometimes miss the payment schedule because they make money on commission or because of circumstances related to family, friends, health, or travelling. If you’ve missed the payment date by only 2 or 3 days, talk to the company and explain the problem.

A One-Week to One-Month Delay

If you haven’t repaid the loan, and it’s been between a week and a month of the payment date, and you haven’t told the company why, you can expect phone calls. If you borrowed from a bank, your guarantor will also get calls as well as questions as to why the payment is overdue.

Don’t avoid such calls; in fact, it’s best to call the company call first. Talking with the representatives of your bank or online company will help you avoid new problems as a result of the delay in repayment. After your first conversation with a loan company you can expect a fee and, sometimes, additional interest on the money you owe. But it’s important to note that online loan companies raise their interest rates modestly even when there’s a delay in repayment.

60-Day Delay

If you are late by two months or more, the best advice is to be honest. Be ready to cooperate with the representatives of the loan company and explain the reasons for the delay. Don’t forget to mention the date when will you be able to repay the loan or part of it. Make sure to stick to the new payment schedule. And remember the most important thing: the conditions are always more flexible with online companies than with banks, and there is always an opportunity to take out a new loan to cover the previous one. Just cooperate and be ready to negotiate.

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Payday Loans: What Could Be Simpler?

Monday, 17 September 2018 19:54

Payday loans are one of the most popular types of loans.

Their main feature is their simplicity. You can register for one through a company's website.

The demands on the borrowers are minimal.

You can get a loan online.

The waiting period (to hear if you’ll be given a loan) is usually minimal.

A borrower can receive money on the same day.

So what on earth is the matter?

Why not give it a try?

There are some reasonable questions to ask. Usually, a person only thinks about these after they’ve decided to get a loan.

First is the interest rate. Small loans often come with very high interest rates. That makes sense, because there is some risk for lenders.

The second question is: will you really be able to pay back the loan in the time you agreed? If not, think twice, because you’ll just end up saddling yourself with unnecessary costs. There is the interest rate, plus there are the penalties.

The third question is: have you checked the lender company’s liability? It may be difficult for a regular person to check, but you can try. And finally, there is the question of your money.

If you’ve answered all these questions with a “Yes,” go to EZ here and apply now!

No matter the problem, EZ will help you.

8 advises before taking out a loan.

Saturday, 18 August 2018 01:29

Consider some advice before taking out a loan, especially a payday financing plan.

#1 Build a plan. Consider other financial instruments. Select the one which meets your expectations. Plan a schedule for paying back the loan.

#2 Compare the interest rate to the benefits you’re planning to get from the short-term financing. It should be obvious for you that the short-term loan will change your financial situation for better, not worse.

#3 Avoid downward debt cycle at all costs. For instance, never apply for a payday loan in order to pay back a previous loan.

#4 Check the laws of the State you’re living in. Some financial instruments are prohibited by law in certain states.

#5 Short-term lenders don’t check applicants’ Credit Rating. Make sure to take that into account if you’re constantly getting rejected from long-term loans.

#6 Long-term loans require more time and documentation for the application but have a lower interest rate. Short-term loans are rapid and easy to get the approval and have higher risks, therefore, a higher interest rate.

#7 Be responsible. Pay in time. Loans don’t like overdue payments. Additional charges and penalties will hit hard. Lenders are doing their business and really appreciate in-time payments. So, next time you’ll apply for the loan – your reliability will be taken into account, so you will have a chance in getting a discount or a better rate.

#8 Keep in mind the golden rule: The ideal financial assistance should be closed in a positive financial balance. For instance, it’s better to wait for a discount and apply for a short-term loan, so by the end of the day you’ll save more.

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