Many people think that financial comfort can only be attained through hard work and saving money. That may be true, but imagine how much time and effort that would take! And even if you had the energy and patience to pull it off, would you still be able to have fun, travel, try new job opportunities, develop new hobbies, or start a family? That’s where quick loans come in.

1. Take Out A Payday Loan and Continue Saving Money

How exactly? Well, don’t simply break your piggybank because you need a little extra money. Save the amount you usually save, take out a payday loan from a reliable online loan company, and then pay back the loan with your next paycheck. This way you can continue saving money without losing out on opportunities or joys!

2. Develop New Sources of Income

Find opportunities to invest in. Maybe you’re not sure if the investment is worth it, but you really want to try and they’re not asking that much anyway. Well, take out a fast loan and then pay the loan back with the money you might get from your investment!

3. Find Ways to Earn More

Passive income is not the only way to get a little more. Sign up for interesting online courses and tutorials, learn a new language, develop your professional skills, and pay for it all with money you borrow from an online loan company. As an added benefit, rapid loans can improve your credit history (read here How can short term loans improve your credit history?). And who knows how it will all pay off in the future!

4. Additional Financial Comfort

Financial comfort also means being able to get the money you need anywhere and at anytime, whether you’re on a cruise down the Nile or if it’s a federal holiday. And you can do all this and more when you take out quick loans from trustworthy online companies.

Everything is possible! Start feeling financially comfortable ASAP.

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Do you still think online loan companies are not as trustworthy as banks?

Are you afraid of online fraud or of getting into a credit trap?

It’s good to be cautious. But money can lead to money, so if you regularly take out rapid loans, you can open up more opportunities (read about them here "How can short term loans improve your credit history?"). To take advantage of these opportunities, it’s necessary to trust the modern financial system. So how can we correct any misunderstandings that are out there about online loan companies? With the help of the facts below!

Can I Trust Online Loan Companies?

The modern financial system has become just like any other business that satisfies customers with convenient services. The best example of the new paradigm is online loan companies, which quickly supply money to their customers when it’s needed. Online loan companies don’t give large sums and they do have high interest rates, but they possess a lot of advantages, such as:

• Operating online 24/7

• Giving money in an hour

• Improving your credit history

• and many other advantages

Of course, there are untrustworthy companies out there that take your personal information, raise the interest rate just before your pay day, and demand early repayment. But such cases are rare nowadays and you can always rely on the reputation of the well-known and popular companies that offer payday loans online.

What’s The Difference?

Do you still that banks know what they’re doing and that online loan companies are just the illegitimate “daughters” of banks? Well, if you had thought that a few years ago, you might have been right. In the past, there were cases of financial fraud due to flaws in Internet security systems. But nowadays, online loan companies are financed by businesses and have become safer and safer due to the high-quality work of their I.T. specialists.

Why Is The Interest So High?

It’s true that interest rates on payday loans are higher. And it’s also true that if you don’t repay for a long period time, there is an unfortunate chance you might have to pay more than 700 percent interest. But the truth is that such rates only arrive after a long period of delay in repayment, usually 6 to 12 months. So if you have a good reason to take out a rapid loan and the desire to pay the money back on time, you definitely won’t get into this terrible interest “trap.” The scary fact of its existence is motivation enough for reliable borrowers, and unreliable borrowers too.

In short: you can and should have faith in modern online financial services. So go out there and don’t let opportunities pass you by!

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Choosing an Online Loan Company

Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:40

Deciding to take out an online short-term loan is a good way to get money at short notice and without filling out a stack of documents. And it’s even better when a friend suggests an online loan company that they respect. But what if you don’t want to ask your friends for suggestions or if you don’t trust the ads you see? The solution is this: you need to know how to judge if an online loan company is safe and popular. The main criteria for judging are financial, social, and technical.

Financial Criteria

Applying for a rapid loan is easy and quick , but you probably also want to receive the money quickly. And sometimes you need a more considerable sum of money than the company usually offers, so you want to know the maximum amount you can borrow. In any case, you want to find a company that offers low interest rates.

These are the main financial characteristics by which you should compare online loan companies:

• speed of receiving money

• speed of processing the application

• maximum loan amount

• loan term

• conditions for late repayment

• possibility of early repayment

• interest rate

Social Criteria

This is about trust and comfort. The characteristics under scrutiny here are:

• availability and customer service at the contact center

• country/state/city the company is located in

• possibility of calling a courier

• real user reviews

Don’t you want all your questions answered? Don’t you want the process to be easy?

Technical Criteria

Security and convenience are important. Especially if you worry about the site giving you an error when you’re filling out an application, uploading documents, or receiving money. So what criteria do you need here?

• accessibility and speed of access to the site

• visibility in search engines

• ease of use on a mobile browser or the existence of an app

• client authorization method

• usefulness and relevance of the content

Choose wisely and get the most out of your online loan company.

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Payday loans are an ordinary part of life for many Americans in many states. Due to their popularity they have become a kind of fast food for some people. Meanwhile, other people, who have never taken out short-term online loans but have seen their relatives and friends do so, may wonder:

• Why don’t people save money instead of taking out loans?

• Isn’t it easier to wait for pay day?

• Why do they trust online companies instead of banks?

• Isn’t it easier to deal with a bank?

Let’s delve into the reasons people choose to borrow online so that we can persuade any unbelievers out there.

Payday Loan vs. Saving

Have you ever randomly decided to spend money on some party, road trip, or concert tickets? Sometimes you find a great deal for something you’ve been wanting to buy and you finally have the opportunity to get it - but the catch is you have to buy it while the deal lasts. Ask yourself: are there any services or goods you’ve been wanting for a long time and which you know will bring you joy, inspiration, or benefit in the future? Do you really want to keep putting aside money day after day when you have the chance to buy it – right now – and you can pay back the money in a week or two? Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

By taking out rapid loans, you can actually save money in the long term.

Payday Loan vs. Waiting for Pay Day

In addition to the fun reasons to take out online quick loans, there are other situations that are not fun and definitely cannot be postponed. These usually involve:

• Health - when you need to stay at home and rest and you know you won’t be paid for the days you miss (and it’s awkward to ask friends for money)

• Accidents - when you need to immediately visit your parents or your friends and they live far away

• Periodic wastefulness - when you spend all your salary on something and need to hold out until pay day without borrowing from friends or family

That’s why it is not always better to wait. Modern life can be unpredictable.

Online Loan Companies vs. Banks

Most of the popular modern online loan companies are as trustworthy as banks. The big difference is that with online loan companies, you don’t have to:

• Fill out paperwork

• Endure boring conversations with bank representatives

…or wait.

It takes an hour at most to get the money you need - and sometimes it takes even less.

Even if you already have a credit card, it usually takes time to increase the credit limit. And what if you need money on a Sunday or a holiday or in the middle of the night?

Online companies lend money 24/7, so you can always be sure the rapid loan will really be rapid.

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Do you always repay loans on time? Even if you have a lot of experience with long-term and short-term loans, and the credit world in general, there is always a temptation to pay back an old loan by taking out a new one. This is especially true, since there are so many online loan companies ready to give you the money you need:

• without visiting a bank

• without filling out tons of documents

• at any time of the day

• on short notice

How can we avoid falling into a debt spiral? How can we develop financial discipline? The answer is in a thorough understanding of what taking out a loan entails and by simply following rules and advice. To check if you’re taking out a short-term loan for the right reasons, ask yourself the following three questions.

Question 1. Why Am I Accumulating Debt?

All debt (not just loans) can bring trouble if you do not repay them on time. If a person does not pay the electricity bills, the supplier will turn the power off. If money is borrowed from relatives or friends and a person can’t repay the debt on time, good relationships can be ruined. If a person previously took out a short-term loan and is now taking out another new short-term loan to cover that one, there will be a temptation to take out a third payday loan to repay the second... Then they may even lose the ability to take out loans from the companies they borrowed from. Ask yourself: do you really need such problems?

Question 2. Will I Be Ready To Repay On My Loan Repayment Day?

Short-term loans and microloans are granted for a short period of time, and a small percentage of interest accrues daily. Be honest with yourself: will you be able to repay the necessary amounts weekly and monthly? Do you really need all the money you’re requesting and do you really need it right now? Do you want to put yourself in a situation where you might let yourself down and ruin your credit history? Of course not. That’s why you should only take out a loan if you’re ready to pay it back in a timely manner (or if you’re willing to accept the risks of not being able to).

Question 3. How Will a Short-Term Loan Improve My Life?

The answer to this question is not in the things you want to buy or the things you’ll be able to do. It is in the opportunities that the borrowed money will open up for you. Be grateful for those opportunities and don’t hesitate to pat yourself on the back when you repay a loan on time. This is how you can motivate yourself to have financial discipline and avoid trouble in the future.

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Borrowing Online: Quicker and… Higher?

Friday, 12 October 2018 20:13

We live in a fast-paced world and living at such a tempo requires quick reactions and an ability to adapt to changing circumstances. But even if we’re emotionally ready for unexpected situations, we can’t always be financially ready. Sometimes earning money and saving it just doesn’t cut it. So where can we find a little extra when we need it? In the same place we read the news and check e-mails: online.

Quickly Online or Slowly with a Bank?

If you are in immediate need of funds, the best way to remedy the situation is by taking out a rapid loan. Not only is it fast, but it’s easy. There is:

• no need to visit a bank

• no need to fill out a stack of documents

• no need to wait several days

All you need to do is take the following steps:

1) register on the company’s website

2) upload a few documents

3) enter the amount of money you want to borrow

4) spend an hour waiting for the money to be deposited in your account. During that time, you can do anything: work, be with your family, practice a hobby, etc.

Furthermore, online companies are much more flexible than banks regarding your credit history, and taking out short-term loans online can even help improve your credit score. Who knows? Maybe in a few years you’ll want to start your own business and take out a bigger loan. It’s good to be prepared.

More Interest or Less?

Is it true that payday loans come with high interest rates? Well, here’s the truth and a reason to jump for joy: high interest rates for payday loans is nowadays simply a myth. In most cases, the rates are even lower than rates for “real” long-term loans. Also, it’s easy to find an online loan company with the best possible terms. All you need to do is spend a few minutes searching.

What About Trust?

In order to find out if you can trust the online loan service you’ve chosen, you should:

• find links to the company on other sites and on social networks…

• …and read reviews.

It’s easy to skip this step, but it’s not a good idea. Once you’re certain of the lender, apply and wait for the money to come rolling in.

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Do you often think of starting your own business or fulfilling your old dream? What makes the people who succeeded in this, so special? The answer is in financial discipline and proper planning. The planning can start right now, when you take an ordinary payday loan from an online loan company.

Negative numbers

Negative credit history requires more time to be redeemed. People having it are forced to rely only on themselves, because even relatives and friends do not always trust them as borrowers. What could be said about banks?

Solution: is also uncomplicated: having any credit history, you can always find an online loan company to achieve a rapid short term loan. Advantages of microcredits and rapid loans are:

• they will be easy to repay even with the interest;

• they will help you to believe in your financial opportunities again;

• they will significantly improve your credit history, being documented and shown to the bank.

Ground Zero

To start your business or afford a round-the-world trip you need to create a proper financial base. Here are several variants:

• you can save all your earnings, sell your belongings and property, deny yourself and your family everything, pursuing your aim, which does not need any further “positive” description;

• you can conveniently borrow from your friends and relatives without adding interest to the money taken, but do not forget about an obligation of sharing the details and listening to the opinions about your decisions, which could have remained private;

• you can visit the bank and ask for a substantial long term loan… and that’s where the story begins.

In the absence of credit history, you bank can refuse to grant the necessary loan. The financial system simply cannot know what kind of a loaner you are. As a result, you would need to:

• mortgage your family property of your favourite car,

• ask someone to become your guarantor,

• expect a higher interest rate or no loan at all.

Solution: having a history of successfully and timely repaid fast loans, you can always expect for better options. And this is one more positive argument in the dilemma of pros and cons of payday loan taking.

Even more positive…

Having a positive credit history and occasionally taking payday loans, you achieve a 100 per cent possibility of being approved for a big loan to spend on your dream or long considered business.

Thus, your convenient and timely repaid short term loans transform into small confident steps to fulfilling your life. Isn’t this worth it?

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Payday Loans: What Could Be Simpler?

Monday, 17 September 2018 19:54

Payday loans are one of the most popular types of loans.

Their main feature is their simplicity. You can register for one through a company's website.

The demands on the borrowers are minimal.

You can get a loan online.

The waiting period (to hear if you’ll be given a loan) is usually minimal.

A borrower can receive money on the same day.

So what on earth is the matter?

Why not give it a try?

There are some reasonable questions to ask. Usually, a person only thinks about these after they’ve decided to get a loan.

First is the interest rate. Small loans often come with very high interest rates. That makes sense, because there is some risk for lenders.

The second question is: will you really be able to pay back the loan in the time you agreed? If not, think twice, because you’ll just end up saddling yourself with unnecessary costs. There is the interest rate, plus there are the penalties.

The third question is: have you checked the lender company’s liability? It may be difficult for a regular person to check, but you can try. And finally, there is the question of your money.

If you’ve answered all these questions with a “Yes,” go to EZ here and apply now!

No matter the problem, EZ will help you.

Payday Loans: Pros and Cons

Sunday, 19 August 2018 01:08


The payday loan is a financial instrument, which requires the precision and patience. There are cases, where short-term financing will provide short-time relief, but unfortunately will deepen the problem over time into downward dept spiral.

However, if the short-term financing is used in a right way – it provides more than a immediate relief. Typically, it should be used to save money from extra charges or overdue penalties. In specific cases, a short-term loan can be used to get the success from the rare opportunity or even leverage the revenue.

By all means, keep in mind, that payday loan should be paid back in a timely manner and in full.

PROS (3) The right instrument to score the opportunity or close the financial gap via quick and easy application process.

CONS (2) Has a higher interest rate and shouldn’t be used to pay another short-term loan, to avoid Debt Cycle.

PRO: The process is Quick & Easy

Business Loans and Long-term loans require a huge collateral and a good official Credit Rating. The main reason is due to the low interest rate and therefore the risk for the financial institution must be as low as the risk. As a result, sometimes decision makers hesitate during the approval process.

People and businesses without a good credit history, low house income, low credit rating or new to the business, have the lower chances of receiving a requested financial assistance from traditional banks. However, that’s exactly the place where short-term financial help plays in full power. Perhaps, due to this huge gap, created by unsatisfied applications for the financial help, there are so many different types of short-term loans present. Typically, short-term lenders have no interest in FICO Scores or insufficient credit history. All that’s important to them is the ability of the borrower to pay back the loan in a timely manner.

These days, the full application process for the short-term loan is very simple and normally requires 10-15 mins to complete the online application form. The relatively small amount of application information doesn’t require a lot of time for application review. Therefore, it normally takes less than 24 hours for the decision-making process on the lender side. In most cases, funds can be available the next day. In some cases, the review process can take multiple days.

CON: High risk of Downward Debt Spiral

Some people consider taking a new loan to pay off a previous loan. In some cases, it makes sense, for instance, if the overdue penalty for another financial service, such as a long-term loan, is bigger, than an interest of a short-term financial help. However, the idea to pay the another payday by taken a new short-loan is a typical mistake which is leading to the downward debt cycle. There is no benefit in this situation for any side. So, if you are going to apply for a short loan, please consider carefully. Ideally, the Loan should be used as an instrument to save money or even get more benefit from it, so there must be a very clear and rational reason for the loaner and paying another short-loan by taking a new one is definitely not one.

PRO: The right instrument to score the Opportunity

Sometimes people can expect the opportunity, for instance, during the Holiday season. This is the period of enormous discounts. In fact, during the Holiday Season – payday loans or short-term loans are in high demand. There are many opportunities to acquire something, so even counting high interest of the loan provided that it is paid back on time, it still may be cheaper than buying something at full retail price.

In other cases, opportunities are unexpected, especially for businesses. For instance, significant business growth normally requires a capital to support it. However, no-one can be insured and protected against the rapid growth, so the short-term financial assistance can be yet another option. Moreover, a business can potentially generate far more revenue when compared to the size of the short-term loan. It should be possible to pay the loan back in time and in full. Therefore, such cases fit the win-win case applicable for short-term financing.

CON: Higher Interest Rate

Higher risks = higher interest, lower risks = lower interest. Short-term lenders typically keep long records. If you have had a successful experience with one – you can expect some form of discount from this specific financial company as a repeat client. As a repeat client, they feel that their risk is lower due to the positive experience with you. Nevertheless, short-term financial help is the one of the riskiest options, so the rates are higher than for long-term loans. Therefore, if you would like to pay less – you have to consider a long-term loan. However, if you require money here and now – a short-term loan is the option for you. Just keep in mind – there must be a rational sense and a solid understanding and plan of how you are going to pay it back.

The opposite side of high risks and interests is an easy and rapid application approval process. Lenders are willing to accept such risks for a higher rate. But that’s the question for the applicant – are the loan terms acceptable or not?

For instance, in the case of business cashflow retail corporations normally have enough cash to solve any financial issue. However, consulting businesses or manufactures can have a higher multiplication rate for this financial or interest is far less than overdue payment penalties.

Even with businesses, there are other options besides loans to get the necessary funding. So payday loan is the financial instrument, which is requiring precision and responsibility.

PRO: Prompt closing of financial gaps

A typical reason why businesses apply for short-term financing is related to gaps in financial flows. This way they can promptly get the required capital to fix the gap in day-to-day financial operations.

The same issue is related to individuals and their families. The financial gap between payrolls can be an issue because of overdue penalties for bank services or home utilities. In many cases it is cheaper to apply for the short-term financing. Unfortunately, not everybody is informed about such option and many people are afraid of loans, so people are facing with additional charges.

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