The Seashore

Thursday, 01 November 2018 21:46

Everybody has a dream. The dream may be big or small. The dreamer may be aware or unaware of his dream. But the main thing is that every person has a dream.

Andrew was a modest man, without much ambition, and not very confident. In fact, it’s a bit surprising that one day he mustered up the courage to talk to a young woman called Molly. Even more surprisingly, Molly gave him her number and even agreed to go on a date. And after the first date, she went on a second, and after the second, etc., etc.

Molly was decisive. If she thought that something had to be done, she did it. If she thought that something had to be obtained, she got it. But for some reason, Molly was bold in everything except when it came to Andrew. She would gently hint that Andrew should be a go-getter like her. Then Andrew would gently object and list a number of reasons why he couldn’t do such-and-such until later. Molly would drop the topic and that’s how they discussed things.

One night, they were watching a movie about a tragic, all-consuming love. The plot didn’t interest Andrew, but the setting did; it took place on the coast. When the end credits started rolling, Molly sighed heavily, probably feeling bad for the heroine of the movie. Andrew sighed too, for a different reason.

"Why are YOU sighing?" Molly asked.

“It doesn't matter,” Andrew answered.

“No, it does matter,” said Molly. "Tell me. Why did you sigh? Do you feel sorry for her?"

"Who is ‘her’?”

"The main actress."


"Well, do you think he acted right?"

"Who do you mean by ‘he’?”

"The main actor."

"Oh. No, it doesn't matter. They have their lives. I have mine."

"Then why did you sigh?”

"You really want to know?”

"Of course!"

"I’ve never been to the ocean."


Molly was at a loss for words – a rare situation indeed.

"Yeah. I’ve never walked along the beach."

"But it’s only…it’s not even that far away…” Molly managed to say.

"I know. It’s close. But still," Andrew said.

“Well, we’ll go to the seashore this weekend,” Molly decided.

"But it’ll cost a lot and I don’t have time to raise money for the trip," Andrew began making excuses.

“Well, I’m a big girl,” Molly said. "I can pay for myself.”

"But what about me?" Andrew asked.

“Follow my lead,” Molly said and she showed him what to do.

Andrew did as she commanded. He went to completed the application form, and got the money.

The weekend was great. They had a lot of fun, did lots of swimming, and made a sandcastle.

You should visit the ocean too.

Blue Agate

Friday, 26 October 2018 14:06

Jenny was someone who would often get carried away whenever she developed a new interest. If she saw a new billboard or a new commercial, she’d want to buy whatever it advertised. Like a match, her interest caught fire, and like a match, it just as quickly went out. And when she lost interest in something, she lost interest in it completely. But during the time she was interested in something, everybody around her felt the heat.

And that’s what happened last week. As Jenny rode by in a bus, she saw a sign: "Fortune Telling, Magic Items." Jenny thought it would be interesting to visit the place.

So the next day she did. The atmosphere of the salon bewitched her. The muffled light, the smell of incense, incomprehensible objects on the shelves – it all created a mystical mood. But the most mystical figure of all was the hostess of the salon. She was an overweight woman with many rings on her fingers, many bracelets on her hands, and beautiful black hair. The most striking thing about her was her eyes. Large, with dark pupils, the eyes seemed to see right through you, back into your past and forward into your future. Or so it seemed to Jenny.

Jenny agreed to a palm reading and a Tarot reading. She might have agreed to tea-leaf reading too, but she didn’t have enough money for it. Instead she bought a magic candle. After the readings were over, she left the salon in high spirits. She sent her friend Chris a message, asking him to visit her, because she had to tell him some urgent and important things.

Chris showed up and silently listened to everything Jenny had to say. After she was done, he asked: "And how much did the magic candle cost?"

"Two hundred dollars," Jenny replied.

"Two hundred dollars for a candle?!"

"It's not a regular candle," Jenny said, "It's very big, and it has magical effects."

"What magical effects? It's just a big candle. You’ve been scammed.”

"I don’t get it. So you’re saying that buying a magic candle is bad, but buying an encryption program for our messages is good?"

Chris didn’t know what to say to that. He became quiet.

Sensing his embarrassment, Jenny added, "And I need a blue agate.”

"What’s agate?" Chris asked weakly.

"It's a stone that will protect me from dark forces and negative energy."

"And how much does this agate cost?" Chris asked.

Jenny told him: "Are you crazy?" Chris exclaimed. "You’d spend that much on a rock?"

"Stop lecturing me. Just tell me where I can get the money."

Chris told her what to do. She went to completed the application form, and got the money.

We do not know how well the blue agate protected Jenny from dark forces and negative energy, but we do know that every time Chris stopped by for a visit, Jenny lit the magic candle. And maybe the candle helped make them happy.

Trithemius Cipher

Wednesday, 24 October 2018 14:48

It all started when Chris was watching a sci-fi TV show. In it, a large corporation created a machine that could monitor people’s phone conversations, track them with security cameras, and with data lifted from social networks, predict their behavior. Chris knew that the show was science fiction and not science fact, and that if some corporation ever did create a machine like that, it wouldn’t be anytime soon, but for some reason he started to worry.

A couple of days later, he stumbled upon a strange website. The creator of the website wrote that there was a secret organization which controlled the development of civilization through its hidden representatives in all the governments of the world. According to this person, the organization was very technologically advanced and kept many inventions back from the world, because it did not consider mankind yet ready for them. However, it did allow certain harmful technologies to become widespread, since they brought the organization good profits.

Chris started to look for more information on this topic. After visiting many websites, he realized that there wasn’t just one secret organization; there were many of them. How they all got along together with one another and kept their disagreements private, Chris didn't know. But he did know that these powerful organizations and the governments they controlled had a keen interest in Chris, his phone calls, and his emails.

Chris wondered how all the surveillance worked in practice. Did strangers in strange offices read his emails, one at a time, checking to make sure that he hadn’t discovered their evil secret? Chris didn’t like the idea that other people were reading his emails. So he started to look for a remedy.

It turned out that there were a lot of people out there who felt like he did. And there were already easy solutions, such as programs for encrypting voice or messages. All the programs worked the same way. One part of the program, the encryption program, had to be installed on the transmitting side, and the second part, the decryption program, had to be installed on the receiving side. So if Chris wanted to call his girlfriend, he first had to activate the encryption program on his phone and his girlfriend had to activate the decryption program on hers. Once this was done, they could both say, “How’s your father?" without fear of eavesdroppers.

There were a lot of different ciphers. Chris was flabbergasted by the number of choices. He did not understand how they worked and he didn’t understand the differences between them. But he finally made a decision. He chose Trithemius Cipher. Why did he choose it? He just liked the name. And it wasn’t as expensive as the others.

In its basic configuration, there was one program for encryption and three for decryption. Chris decided to put one encryption program on his computer, one for decryption on his girlfriend’s phone, and the remaining two on his friends’ phones. One of these friends was Fred. Chris was low on funds at the time, but Fred told him how to get a short-term loan. On Fred’s advice, Chris went to completed the application form, and got the money. Two days later he became the lucky owner of Trithemius Cipher.

We don’t know if the program actually does any encrypting or decrypting, but ever since Chris bought it, he has stopped visiting strange websites and that is something we can all be happy about.

Tool Kit

Saturday, 20 October 2018 02:32

Relationship problems usually don’t spring up out of nowhere. At first, one spouse is unhappy about something. If the issue doesn’t go away, discontent grows. Bad weather, job issues, traffic, and other things that are usually brushed off as a daily annoyance add to the discontent. Then the discontent takes on a life of its own and starts to absorb all these things as well as others. The discontent grows so big that dinner loses its taste and the spouse's voice becomes grating. Old grievances are brought up and eventually the bubble must burst.

And when it bursts, it bursts loudly. The other spouse, who had no idea about the discontent, becomes infected by it as well. The two begin to discuss their issues, but the discussing leads to arguing and then to shouting and sometimes dishes are broken.

Andy found himself at the start of such a trajectory. Of course, he was happy to see Marcy enjoying their new refrigerator, but during a tour of their new neighbor Robert’s house, he had noticed a tool kit in Robert's garage.

And what a tool kit it was. It had screwdrivers of different sizes, Phillips, slot, even Torx. There was a wrench too. And some pliers. And every tool had a color that matched the spot where it should go. It was all so intelligently organized and convenient.

Andy wanted one just like it.

He was well aware of their tense financial situation, so he didn’t tell Marcy. But Marcy’s dream had been fulfilled (with her refrigerator) and Andy’s dream hadn’t, and it started to poison his everyday life. It became so bad that his favorite TV shows started to irritate him.

Luckily, Marcy came to his rescue.

"Andy, what’s the matter?” she asked.

"Ah, nothing. Everything’s okay,” he tried to lie.

"Andy, something’s bothering you," she said and gave him a kiss.

And couldn’t hide the truth any longer and he told Marcy about the tool kit.

"Well, then buy it," Marcy said.

"But I don’t even know how much it costs..." Andy started.

"Well, then find out," Marcy said, not seeing what the problem was.

"But..." Andy started to say, but Marcy interrupted him.

"We got a refrigerator for me, so let's get a tool kit for you.”

Andy didn’t know what to say. Instead of saying anything, he went online, found the same tool kit, then went to completed the application form, and got the money. Two days later a tool kit had found a new home in his garage.

The lesson is simple: sometimes all you need to fix a relationship is a tool kit.

The Refrigerator

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 12:09

Marcy and Andy had been married a year and a half.

Psychologists say that the first major crisis in a relationship usually arrives within the first year of marriage. This is due to the fact that young spouses are just getting used to one another and to the idea that they’ll now have to see each other every day. It’s a situation nobody can hide from. Of course, divorce is an option, but that would be like using TNT to get rid of termites.

In addition, psychologists say that very simple questions can become big problems in the first year. What color should the curtains be? Who should use the shower first? And most importantly, who should call the plumber?

Marcy and Andy safely passed the first year checkpoint. Maybe it’s because they didn’t know what psychologists say.

According to psychologists, their second year of marriage should have started a quiet period that would last until the third year, when another crisis would arise. Not anticipating any crisis, the young couple bought a small but nice house in a newly built area.

For the first few days their delight knew no bounds. But they soon began to notice all the bad things about their new home. Marcy was annoyed that their neighbor mowed his lawn every Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M. and she also didn’t like that the bed was too hard. Andy disliked the TV-and-couch arrangement and found the mortgage and the cost of cable suffocating. But in general, the two were happy together and pleased with their new home.

One Sunday Marcy baked some chocolate chip cookies and suggested that they introduce themselves to their neighbor. Andy had not planned on doing anything that day, but he didn’t have a good reason to say no, so he agreed to it.

Their neighbor was Robert. After Marcy and Andy rang the doorbell and said hello, Robert invited them inside and gave them an impromptu tour of his abode. Andy thought the tour took too long.

When they got home, 45 minutes later, Marcy asked Andy, "Did you see his refrigerator?"

"Yeah," Andy answered, although he hadn’t.

"We should get one like that," Marcy said confidently. "And I know just where to put it, right here," and Marcy showed him where she thought it would go.

Andy did not have any opinion on this subject whatsoever, so he nodded.

"Let's get it tomorrow," Marcy said.

"Baby," Andy began. "You know that we’re stretching it as it is..."

"Please? Pleeeeease?!" Marcy whined and gave Andy a kiss.

Andy could not resist such appeals to logic.

He said, “Okay,” and then asked, partly to himself, "Where did that Robert guy get the money for such a nice lawnmower?"

"Ask him,” Marcy said.

And Andy asked him. And a little while later, he went to completed the application form, and got money.

The next day the refrigerator stood in their kitchen.

Mutual understanding, domestic bliss, a new refrigerator: does it get any better?

A Beautiful Blouse

Monday, 15 October 2018 23:15

It had rained all night. Usually, Molly could fall asleep easily to the monotonous sound of raindrops. But this night she couldn’t sleep. She had a job interview the following day. And she was very nervous about it.

This would be her seventh job interview in a month. The previous six had all ended the same way. "We'll call you back," they told her, and they did not call her back. They didn’t say why either.

Molly began to seriously doubt herself. Troubling thoughts entered her mind.

Do I look bad? No, I did everything I read I should do: no make-up, no strange haircut, strict business clothes. Well, maybe I’m not smart enough? Or is there something else wrong with me? Or maybe I don’t know how to present myself? I just answer their boring questions with boring answers.

How can I distinguish myself if they always ask the same questions and they always expect the same answers? “What’s your biggest weakness?” “I’m a perfectionist.” How can I show who I really am if nobody asks me what I think about or what I care about? None of them are interested in the real me. They read their questions like machines, then judge my answers like machines, and then say, "We'll call you back” like machines. They lie. When they say, “We’ll call you back,” they already know they won’t call. Or maybe they don’t know?

At that moment, her thoughts jumped to a quite different subject. The day before, she had seen a simply amazing low-cut blouse in a shop window. Molly hadn’t known that such blouses existed. When Molly saw that blouse, she immediately realized that it was the thing for her. Of course, Molly could live without it, but if she lived with it, it would definitely brighten up her life. Drifting slowly off to sleep, Molly thought about what would happen to the blouse if she didn’t buy it. Who then would buy it? Maybe nobody. It would be taken to some warehouse, and then it would wait silently and in darkness until its eventual fate.

Molly pulled herself out of sleep’s grip and suddenly decided that she would go to the interview in that blouse. One thing stopped her: her lack of money.

She solved that problem very simply. She went to completed the application form, and felt relief, knowing she’d have the money in the morning.

Molly imagined how she would go to the store, pick up her new (new!) blouse, and change into it in the shop.

When Molly finally fell asleep, it was almost morning.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

But we hope that Molly will buy the blouse and finally get the job she’s wanted for so long.

Duck Backwater

Wednesday, 10 October 2018 13:12

Mark didn’t have the most exciting job in the world. He had to unload trucks, carry boxes to a warehouse, and then put them on shelves or in stacks. Then he would wait. Then his boss would tell him to take certain boxes and move them to a different part of the warehouse where there was a conveyer belt. Then he had to return to the unloading ramp and wait for a new truck or a new command.

While he waited, he liked to look at the pictures on the promotional leaflets that sometimes fell out of the boxes. He looked at photos of coffee makers, blenders, even computers and other technology (he had no clue what that stuff did) and he imagined that he had a house full of devices like that. It didn’t matter that his current dwelling was a small room that could only fit a bed, a little table, and two chairs. Mark liked to dream.

One day, Mark found a map of his state. For a few days after that, he would examine it with his eyes. He found so many interesting things on the map. There were a lot of cities and roads nearby his town that he had never been to and others he’d never even heard of. There were so many places to see and so many opportunities out there! He was surprised.

One town especially caught his eye. It was called Duck Backwater. It was pretty far away, close to the border.

As usual, Mark began to daydream. He imagined the type of people that lived in Duck Backwater. He imagined groves and a pond full of ducks surrounded by green grass. He wasn’t certain, but he assumed that there were probably many ponds in the town. And he thought that the citizens were probably very proud of the ducks that lived there. Maybe the duck was a symbol of the town and maybe they hung a flag with a duck on it, Mark thought. He continued thinking about the town.

Then one day, he made a decision. He had to visit Duck Backwater.

There were two problems. First was his work schedule. He usually worked on the weekends. The second problem was money.

Mark had a goal and he was ready to knock down all the obstacles in his way. He solved the first problem quickly. He asked his boss if he could take the following weekend off and the boss said okay.

The second problem was more complicated. Mark didn’t have any extra money at all. But he had heard about a website from a friend, so he went to completed the application form, and got money.

The long-awaited day arrived.

Mark took a bus. Then he sat on the bus for a long time. Then he waited at a bus station and then he took another bus. And then he sat some more.

Finally, the bus reached Duck Backwater.

I’m going to respect Mark's privacy and not say if Duck Backwater really did have ponds or even ducks. If you want to find out, you can ask Mark yourself.

But what I can say is that Mark had a dream and, with a little help, he accomplished his dream.

Good luck!

Types of Payday Loan Lenders

Monday, 08 October 2018 20:28

When people urgently need to close a financial gap, they often turn to the following options:

- Credit cards

- Personal loan from a bank or credit union

- Advance payment

- Secure deposit

- Long-term and short-term personal loans

In this article, we will identify the different types of payday loan lenders.

Loan Shops

Offices of loan shops are present in every city and even in states that don’t allow payday loans. A potential borrower can visit these offices, speak with the staff, and decide whether or not to get a loan.

Direct Online Lenders

Because everything is going online, there are a lot of direct payday lenders that process applications and fund loans online.

Lead Generators

Lead generators are a transparent interface between borrowers and lenders. They normally operate online. Their primary and sole function is to collect the customer’s information in the form of an application and then to forward it to a network of lenders. Sometimes lead generators are also direct online lenders. After lead generators receive an application, it is automatically submitted to the lenders, so there is normally no extra delay in the application process. If you check a lead generator’s website, you will probably find that they are not a lender, but that they’re going to match your application with a lender.

State Regulated Lenders

A state regulated lender (SRL) follows the financial laws and regulations of the state where they do business. This means that the interest rates and the amount that can be lent by the SRL are set by the state. SRL’s can be both online and loan shops.

Tribal Lenders

Tribal lenders are associated and affiliated with Native American tribes. Tribes are sovereign nations, so tribal lenders follow the laws and regulations of the tribe. This means that federal and state payday loan laws and regulations don’t apply to them. Because tribal lenders are affiliated with Native American tribes, they can exceed the interest rates that are allowed by state payday loan laws and regulations.

Offshore Lenders

Lenders that operate outside the U.S. are called offshore lenders. Like tribal lenders, they don’t have to comply with federal or state regulations. This means that offshore lenders can lend more money than normal lenders. In exchange, however, they can request larger interest rates, so it’s best to read the fine print before agreeing to their terms.

Credit Access Businesses

A credit access business (CAB) is state-registered credit service organization (CSO) that assists a consumer in receiving and approving an extension of consumer credit. Simply speaking, you apply for a payday loan using a credit access business as an intermediary between you and the lenders. If your application is approved, the CAB will manage your loan and then instead of paying the lenders back, you repay the CAB.

After The Show

Tuesday, 02 October 2018 21:21

Last week, billboards throughout the city announced: "New show from the world-famous life coach!" All the local channels ran ads about the arrival of the great coach to their town. "Do you know the secret to success?" the ads asked. "Come to the show and find out!"

Like everybody else, Fred wanted to achieve success in his life. He bought and read books on the subject. He watched any TV program if it had the word "success" in the title. Despite all the advice he had ingested over the years, he was still not a millionaire. So he was a little skeptical of the claims these ads made. But then again, he thought about how this show was brand new and how the coach might have some new tips he had just discovered.

Fred knew he didn’t have any spare cash to pay for the tickets. But he had decided that he needed to go to the show to find out the secret. So he went to completed the application form, and got the money to buy a ticket. By the way, the ticket was expensive. Before paying, Fred had read about the show online and still didn't understand why it cost so much to listen to one guy talk for two hours. Eventually Fred came to the conclusion that the coach must have some great wisdom, because otherwise, nobody would pay that much to hear him. So Fred paid online and looked forward to the show.

Then the day arrived and he went to the show.

For three days after the show, Fred was in high spirits. He kept remembering how he and hundreds of members of the audience had shouted: "Yes!" in answer to the simple question: "Do you want to be successful?" He remembered how he had hugged the guy next to him. And he remembered jumping up and even crying.

But after the three days were over, the feeling went away. Fred wasn’t sure if the coach had actually taught him anything new. "Plan Your Life," "Your Life is in Your Hands," "Think Positively" – Fred had heard those slogans before.

What had really gone on at the show? Had he experienced some kind of temporary madness? Was the coach actually wise or was he just a fraud?

Fred couldn’t decide, but he did realize one thing: a payday loan can be good, but you have to think carefully about what you use it to spend money on.

Payday Loans: What Could Be Simpler?

Monday, 17 September 2018 19:54

Payday loans are one of the most popular types of loans.

Their main feature is their simplicity. You can register for one through a company's website.

The demands on the borrowers are minimal.

You can get a loan online.

The waiting period (to hear if you’ll be given a loan) is usually minimal.

A borrower can receive money on the same day.

So what on earth is the matter?

Why not give it a try?

There are some reasonable questions to ask. Usually, a person only thinks about these after they’ve decided to get a loan.

First is the interest rate. Small loans often come with very high interest rates. That makes sense, because there is some risk for lenders.

The second question is: will you really be able to pay back the loan in the time you agreed? If not, think twice, because you’ll just end up saddling yourself with unnecessary costs. There is the interest rate, plus there are the penalties.

The third question is: have you checked the lender company’s liability? It may be difficult for a regular person to check, but you can try. And finally, there is the question of your money.

If you’ve answered all these questions with a “Yes,” go to EZ here and apply now!

No matter the problem, EZ will help you.

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