Rare Album

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Bruce liked rock music from the 60’s and 70’s. You could almost say he was crazy about it, but that wouldn’t be the truth. He wasn't crazy; he was just a fan. But don’t get the impression that he was a fan of rock, just because he and Springsteen share the same first name. Actually, Bruce didn't even like the Boss or “Born in the U.S.A.” He didn’t think that “Born in the U.S.A.” was that catchy or clever or anything.

On the other hand, he really liked songs like Bob Dylan’s “Man Gave Names to All the Animals.” He thought it was deep.

"It’s true," thought Bruce. "It was man who gave names to all the animals, trees, insects, and everything in the world. If man didn’t exist, all those things would be nameless. That makes it right that man is king."

He liked the Doors too. He especially liked the lyrics of “Riders on the Storm,” although he couldn’t understand why the Doors would keep playing for seven minutes and eight seconds when it only took 3 minutes to get the point across. He preferred the 4:35 single edit.

Bruce was in his mid-thirties and he didn’t have any peers with whom he could discuss such refined matters. The only guy who shared his interests was the owner of the last remaining music store in town. Dirk was his name.

Bruce dropped by the store on the weekends. He liked to meticulously go through the rows of used records, one at a time, touching the album covers, and sometimes even sniffing the old vinyl.

Bruce often spent hours browsing the records and chatting with Dirk. Dirk was adept at decoding Bruce’s signals. Bruce had only to point a finger at a record and Dirk would answer, "Yeah, I agree it’s not the best album in history, but it’s not the worst either."

A popular conversation topic was the song “Wild Thing.” Bruce thought that Jimi Hendrix's cover was too noisy and that the version by the Ventures was probably the best. Dirk disagreed and insisted that Cheap Trick’s version was the best. They could talk about such things for hours.

One day, Bruce came to the shop looking for Dirk. He’d remembered an obscure Beach Boys song and he wanted to know if Dirk knew it. But Dirk stopped him before he could say anything.

"I’ve got a rare record for you," he said and showed it to him.

Bruce was blown away. It was the Beatles butcher cover – the infamous album cover that showed the Beatles dressed in white lab coats and covered with raw meat and doll parts. He’d heard all about it and had long wanted to buy one, but he’d never seen one before in person.

"How much is it?" asked Bruce in a whisper.

Dirk told him.

"But I don’t have that much money right now," Bruce said, taken aback. "Can you hold it a few days until I get the money?"

"Sorry, bud," answered Dirk. "You know what the music store business is like. I’ve got to sell it as quick as possible to keep this roof over my head.”

"Do you have Wi-fi?" asked Bruce.


"Let me use your computer and give me two minutes," said Bruce.

He typed https://ezrapidloan.com/ completed the application form, and got the money.

And now he owns the Beatles butcher cover.

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