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Olivia met Brian in college. It can’t be said that Olivia fell in love with Brian at first sight or even that she thought about him all the time. They had different friends and different interests. But chance sometimes intervenes and unexplained things sometimes happen. They met at a party. They said "Hi" to each other, then they talked, then they slow-danced, then they...well, it's not our business what they did later. In short, they started dating.

They both lived in the same small town. In small towns like theirs, everybody knows everything about everybody and Olivia and Brian's dates were not top secret. Everybody gossiped about them and they all asked themselves the same question: will Olivia and Brian leave their town or will they stay?

One day, the gossipers got their answer: Olivia remained in town and Brian began working in a nearby city.

Brian started saving money. How he did it, no one knows, but one day he went to the jeweler’s and bought a gold engagement ring. The shop girl told her friend about it, that friend told another friend, that friend shared the news among her friends, and in a day or two, most of the town was waiting impatiently for the proposal.

None of them could guess how Brian would propose. It ended up happening on the edge of a forest, while the birds sang and curious young deer watched furtively from behind a tree.

Olivia wasn't that surprised; she had been expecting it. But it’s one thing to expect something to happen and it’s another thing to have it actually happen. Olivia thought for a while and then said, "Yes." The satisfied deer went on their way. The woodpecker stopped pecking as a gesture of respect. The birds continued their twittering. Birds don’t care.

The wedding was very beautiful. Even the jealous gossipers had to admit it. Again and again, the bride was asked to show her beautiful ring.

Real family life began immediately after the wedding. Brian began working at a company that had offices in various cities. He would be away from home for two or three weeks at a time. Then he would come back and live at home for a week or more. At first, this situation was a big problem for Olivia. If he was gone more than he was there, could she really say that she had husband? Could she really say she had a family life? But after little Michael was born, such thoughts disappeared.

In all families, there are happy and unhappy days. Everybody knows what happy days are like. They are bright and colorful. Unhappy days are different for every family. They are usually painted in various dark colors. For Olivia, unhappy days were dark blue.

One day, while Brian was away in another town, Olivia washed the plates because the dishwasher had broken down. It was evening, the sun was setting, and outside the window everything was dark. While Olivia was scrubbing a plate, she caught it on the edge of the sink and her ring popped off and disappeared down the drain. Olivia didn't know how she could get it out. It was a tragedy for her.

How could she tell Brian? What could she do? She realized that she had no idea.

She went to the jeweler's. There was a ring similar to the one Brian gave her, but she realized that all their money would have to be spent on a new dishwasher.

What could she do do?

She was nervous. She cried. She waited for Brian. And she was afraid to tell him.

Brian returned. Everything was as usual and Olivia assumed that Brian hadn’t even noticed the ring’s absence. She gradually calmed down. When Brian said that the company was having problems with the bank and that his paycheck would be delayed for a week or more, Olivia told him that everything okay and that they could do without for a while.

Three days passed.

"Do you know what day it is?" Brian asked.

"Of course," said Olivia. "You proposed to me on this day five years ago.”

"And?" asked Brian.

"…and I agreed."

"And I gave you a gift."

"Yes. You gave me a ring," Olivia said and looked down.

"And where is it?"

"I lost it."

"I noticed," said Brian.

"Look, it was a strange incident," Olivia hurried to explain.

"It doesn't matter," said Brian. "Here’s another one."

Brian handed her a small box. She opened it and inside she saw a gold ring just like the one he had given her five years ago.

"But how...? I thought the paycheck was postponed.”

"It was. But I took out a payday loan so we could celebrate.”

And that night they celebrated.

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