What If I Can’t Repay On Time?

23 October 2018 867 Views

What will happen if you can’t repay the money you borrowed when it’s due? What will the consequences be? And why is it always better to take a quick loan from an online company instead of a bank? The answers to these questions are below.

A 2-3-Day Delay in Repayment

You might be asking yourself: why would I be late to repay my loan by 2 or 3 days? Even the most responsible people who know how to manage their money and are willing to repay their debts sometimes miss the payment schedule because they make money on commission or because of circumstances related to family, friends, health, or travelling. If you’ve missed the payment date by only 2 or 3 days, talk to the company and explain the problem.

A One-Week to One-Month Delay

If you haven’t repaid the loan, and it’s been between a week and a month of the payment date, and you haven’t told the company why, you can expect phone calls. If you borrowed from a bank, your guarantor will also get calls as well as questions as to why the payment is overdue.

Don’t avoid such calls; in fact, it’s best to call the company call first. Talking with the representatives of your bank or online company will help you avoid new problems as a result of the delay in repayment. After your first conversation with a loan company you can expect a fee and, sometimes, additional interest on the money you owe. But it’s important to note that online loan companies raise their interest rates modestly even when there’s a delay in repayment.

60-Day Delay

If you are late by two months or more, the best advice is to be honest. Be ready to cooperate with the representatives of the loan company and explain the reasons for the delay. Don’t forget to mention the date when will you be able to repay the loan or part of it. Make sure to stick to the new payment schedule. And remember the most important thing: the conditions are always more flexible with online companies than with banks, and there is always an opportunity to take out a new loan to cover the previous one. Just cooperate and be ready to negotiate.

And don’t forget to visit again and click Apply Now!

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Tool Kit

20 October 2018 626 Views

Relationship problems usually don’t spring up out of nowhere. At first, one spouse is unhappy about something. If the issue doesn’t go away, discontent grows. Bad weather, job issues, traffic, and other things that are usually brushed off as a daily annoyance add to the discontent. Then the discontent takes on a life of its own and starts to absorb all these things as well as others. The discontent grows so big that dinner loses its taste and the spouse's voice becomes grating. Old grievances are brought up and eventually the bubble must burst.

And when it bursts, it bursts loudly. The other spouse, who had no idea about the discontent, becomes infected by it as well. The two begin to discuss their issues, but the discussing leads to arguing and then to shouting and sometimes dishes are broken.

Andy found himself at the start of such a trajectory. Of course, he was happy to see Marcy enjoying their new refrigerator, but during a tour of their new neighbor Robert’s house, he had noticed a tool kit in Robert's garage.

And what a tool kit it was. It had screwdrivers of different sizes, Phillips, slot, even Torx. There was a wrench too. And some pliers. And every tool had a color that matched the spot where it should go. It was all so intelligently organized and convenient.

Andy wanted one just like it.

He was well aware of their tense financial situation, so he didn’t tell Marcy. But Marcy’s dream had been fulfilled (with her refrigerator) and Andy’s dream hadn’t, and it started to poison his everyday life. It became so bad that his favorite TV shows started to irritate him.

Luckily, Marcy came to his rescue.

"Andy, what’s the matter?” she asked.

"Ah, nothing. Everything’s okay,” he tried to lie.

"Andy, something’s bothering you," she said and gave him a kiss.

And couldn’t hide the truth any longer and he told Marcy about the tool kit.

"Well, then buy it," Marcy said.

"But I don’t even know how much it costs..." Andy started.

"Well, then find out," Marcy said, not seeing what the problem was.

"But..." Andy started to say, but Marcy interrupted him.

"We got a refrigerator for me, so let's get a tool kit for you.”

Andy didn’t know what to say. Instead of saying anything, he went online, found the same tool kit, then went to completed the application form, and got the money. Two days later a tool kit had found a new home in his garage.

The lesson is simple: sometimes all you need to fix a relationship is a tool kit.

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The Refrigerator

17 October 2018 679 Views

Marcy and Andy had been married a year and a half.

Psychologists say that the first major crisis in a relationship usually arrives within the first year of marriage. This is due to the fact that young spouses are just getting used to one another and to the idea that they’ll now have to see each other every day. It’s a situation nobody can hide from. Of course, divorce is an option, but that would be like using TNT to get rid of termites.

In addition, psychologists say that very simple questions can become big problems in the first year. What color should the curtains be? Who should use the shower first? And most importantly, who should call the plumber?

Marcy and Andy safely passed the first year checkpoint. Maybe it’s because they didn’t know what psychologists say.

According to psychologists, their second year of marriage should have started a quiet period that would last until the third year, when another crisis would arise. Not anticipating any crisis, the young couple bought a small but nice house in a newly built area.

For the first few days their delight knew no bounds. But they soon began to notice all the bad things about their new home. Marcy was annoyed that their neighbor mowed his lawn every Saturday morning at 7:00 A.M. and she also didn’t like that the bed was too hard. Andy disliked the TV-and-couch arrangement and found the mortgage and the cost of cable suffocating. But in general, the two were happy together and pleased with their new home.

One Sunday Marcy baked some chocolate chip cookies and suggested that they introduce themselves to their neighbor. Andy had not planned on doing anything that day, but he didn’t have a good reason to say no, so he agreed to it.

Their neighbor was Robert. After Marcy and Andy rang the doorbell and said hello, Robert invited them inside and gave them an impromptu tour of his abode. Andy thought the tour took too long.

When they got home, 45 minutes later, Marcy asked Andy, "Did you see his refrigerator?"

"Yeah," Andy answered, although he hadn’t.

"We should get one like that," Marcy said confidently. "And I know just where to put it, right here," and Marcy showed him where she thought it would go.

Andy did not have any opinion on this subject whatsoever, so he nodded.

"Let's get it tomorrow," Marcy said.

"Baby," Andy began. "You know that we’re stretching it as it is..."

"Please? Pleeeeease?!" Marcy whined and gave Andy a kiss.

Andy could not resist such appeals to logic.

He said, “Okay,” and then asked, partly to himself, "Where did that Robert guy get the money for such a nice lawnmower?"

"Ask him,” Marcy said.

And Andy asked him. And a little while later, he went to completed the application form, and got money.

The next day the refrigerator stood in their kitchen.

Mutual understanding, domestic bliss, a new refrigerator: does it get any better?

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