Who is a Guarantor and Why are They Not Necessary for Online Lending?

30 October 2018 651 Views

If a relative or close friend asks you to be a guarantor for his bank loan and you feel that you should help, don’t forget to think about your own financial situation…and instead suggest that your friend take out an online loan. Why? The answers to the following two questions will explain.

1. Is It Easy to Become a Guarantor?

YES, it is easy. If you have a friend who stubbornly insists that you become one, it’s more difficult to not become a guarantor. But before you agree, you need to fully understand the consequences:

• you will need to spend time printing out documents, going to the bank, and signing several forms

• you will need to convince a bank representative of the trustworthiness of the borrower (your friend)

• you will need to regularly ask the borrower about his debt, and, in some cases, remind him to pay

• you will need to carry the financial responsibility if the borrower misses the payments, and that is a serious responsibility.

2. Do You Really Need Such a Responsibility?

The answer is NO. Especially when there is the option of choosing online rapid loans. The terms that online companies give for short-term loans (payday loans) are much more flexible than those offered by banks and online companies are ready to accept borrowers with a poor credit history. In general, short-term loans have lots of advantages and are less confusing than bank loans.

In short: there is no need for a potential borrower to go to a bank or for you to become his guarantor. Be an advice-giver instead!

And don’t forget to visit again and click Apply Now!

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Blue Agate

26 October 2018 645 Views

Jenny was someone who would often get carried away whenever she developed a new interest. If she saw a new billboard or a new commercial, she’d want to buy whatever it advertised. Like a match, her interest caught fire, and like a match, it just as quickly went out. And when she lost interest in something, she lost interest in it completely. But during the time she was interested in something, everybody around her felt the heat.

And that’s what happened last week. As Jenny rode by in a bus, she saw a sign: "Fortune Telling, Magic Items." Jenny thought it would be interesting to visit the place.

So the next day she did. The atmosphere of the salon bewitched her. The muffled light, the smell of incense, incomprehensible objects on the shelves – it all created a mystical mood. But the most mystical figure of all was the hostess of the salon. She was an overweight woman with many rings on her fingers, many bracelets on her hands, and beautiful black hair. The most striking thing about her was her eyes. Large, with dark pupils, the eyes seemed to see right through you, back into your past and forward into your future. Or so it seemed to Jenny.

Jenny agreed to a palm reading and a Tarot reading. She might have agreed to tea-leaf reading too, but she didn’t have enough money for it. Instead she bought a magic candle. After the readings were over, she left the salon in high spirits. She sent her friend Chris a message, asking him to visit her, because she had to tell him some urgent and important things.

Chris showed up and silently listened to everything Jenny had to say. After she was done, he asked: "And how much did the magic candle cost?"

"Two hundred dollars," Jenny replied.

"Two hundred dollars for a candle?!"

"It's not a regular candle," Jenny said, "It's very big, and it has magical effects."

"What magical effects? It's just a big candle. You’ve been scammed.”

"I don’t get it. So you’re saying that buying a magic candle is bad, but buying an encryption program for our messages is good?"

Chris didn’t know what to say to that. He became quiet.

Sensing his embarrassment, Jenny added, "And I need a blue agate.”

"What’s agate?" Chris asked weakly.

"It's a stone that will protect me from dark forces and negative energy."

"And how much does this agate cost?" Chris asked.

Jenny told him: "Are you crazy?" Chris exclaimed. "You’d spend that much on a rock?"

"Stop lecturing me. Just tell me where I can get the money."

Chris told her what to do. She went to completed the application form, and got the money.

We do not know how well the blue agate protected Jenny from dark forces and negative energy, but we do know that every time Chris stopped by for a visit, Jenny lit the magic candle. And maybe the candle helped make them happy.

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Trithemius Cipher

24 October 2018 668 Views

It all started when Chris was watching a sci-fi TV show. In it, a large corporation created a machine that could monitor people’s phone conversations, track them with security cameras, and with data lifted from social networks, predict their behavior. Chris knew that the show was science fiction and not science fact, and that if some corporation ever did create a machine like that, it wouldn’t be anytime soon, but for some reason he started to worry.

A couple of days later, he stumbled upon a strange website. The creator of the website wrote that there was a secret organization which controlled the development of civilization through its hidden representatives in all the governments of the world. According to this person, the organization was very technologically advanced and kept many inventions back from the world, because it did not consider mankind yet ready for them. However, it did allow certain harmful technologies to become widespread, since they brought the organization good profits.

Chris started to look for more information on this topic. After visiting many websites, he realized that there wasn’t just one secret organization; there were many of them. How they all got along together with one another and kept their disagreements private, Chris didn't know. But he did know that these powerful organizations and the governments they controlled had a keen interest in Chris, his phone calls, and his emails.

Chris wondered how all the surveillance worked in practice. Did strangers in strange offices read his emails, one at a time, checking to make sure that he hadn’t discovered their evil secret? Chris didn’t like the idea that other people were reading his emails. So he started to look for a remedy.

It turned out that there were a lot of people out there who felt like he did. And there were already easy solutions, such as programs for encrypting voice or messages. All the programs worked the same way. One part of the program, the encryption program, had to be installed on the transmitting side, and the second part, the decryption program, had to be installed on the receiving side. So if Chris wanted to call his girlfriend, he first had to activate the encryption program on his phone and his girlfriend had to activate the decryption program on hers. Once this was done, they could both say, “How’s your father?" without fear of eavesdroppers.

There were a lot of different ciphers. Chris was flabbergasted by the number of choices. He did not understand how they worked and he didn’t understand the differences between them. But he finally made a decision. He chose Trithemius Cipher. Why did he choose it? He just liked the name. And it wasn’t as expensive as the others.

In its basic configuration, there was one program for encryption and three for decryption. Chris decided to put one encryption program on his computer, one for decryption on his girlfriend’s phone, and the remaining two on his friends’ phones. One of these friends was Fred. Chris was low on funds at the time, but Fred told him how to get a short-term loan. On Fred’s advice, Chris went to completed the application form, and got the money. Two days later he became the lucky owner of Trithemius Cipher.

We don’t know if the program actually does any encrypting or decrypting, but ever since Chris bought it, he has stopped visiting strange websites and that is something we can all be happy about.

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